Could driverless vehicles revolutionise the take-away industry?

Driverless Vehicles

We all appreciate indulging in our favourite cuisine from the comfort of our own home. Whether it’s pizza, Chinese, sushi, or fish & chips, ordering some good old takeaway is the perfect solution to no-dinner-plans or no-food-at-home scenarios. And while we’re all used to cars, bikes, and scooters racing along to get food delivered hot and on time, there have been some technological advancements that could revolutionise the take-away industry.

In recent years, mobile apps have become the number one way to order food for delivery. Apps make payment quick and easy, especially with contactless methods. It seems the only downside to ordering food can be found in the actual delivery. We’ve all received the occasional toppled-over sushi rolls or the cold pizza, and that’s never fun. So changing the way food is delivered could very well be the next big thing.

Ford’s Self-Driving Delivery Service

Ford, for one, aims on launching a fully self-driving delivery service by 2021, where takeaway meals are delivered directly to consumers by a driverless vehicle. In the US, Ford is already working in conjunction with food courier service Postmates to test this service. Adding in heated containers means that the vans could also be out for longer, all while keeping the food hot.

Currently the vehicles being tested are manned but fitted with touchpad-activated storage lockers. The idea is that the vehicle would automatically send users a text message on arrival. They would then be guided to the correct locker and need to type in a unique code to be granted access to receive their delivery.

Driverless Vehicles

What Do You Think?

While personally I think there are many details of this that are still a little unclear in the driverless vehicles for delivery arena, the idea is certainly interesting and I’ll look out for developments on this front. The thought of a van stuffed with yummy food driving around at all times certainly has the I Love Foodies taste buds excited!

Do you have thoughts, comments, or ideas on driverless vehicles for food delivery services? I’d be interested in hearing what you think. So pop me a comment below or a DM on social and let’s chat!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: January 2019


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