For most people, pizza makes the world go round. It’s that perfect happy place. For those who follow a low carb diet, however, this can be a bit more challenging. And that’s where the Dough Boys Low Carb DIY Pizza Kit will save you.

Let’s backtrack: Now, as I’m approaching my six-year low carb lifestyle anniversary, I can quite honestly say that, most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. I love my food choices and wouldn’t change them for the world.

Low Carb Treats

But, every now and then, it’s great to treat yourself with something a bit more ‘normal’. And, for these special occasions, I have found some incredible substitutes. For example: Check out my Guiltless Protein Bakery review for the most amazing bakes good and sweet treats for anyone wanting a healthy treat.

With assorted stages of lockdown, I Love Foodies has been receiving quite a few pizza deliveries. This is usually how it goes: Benike is overjoyed and eats the pizza. And whenever she’s not looking, I pinch the toppings and cheese off the pizza and enjoy that. There are some pretty incredible pizza toppings out there! Check out Benike’s reviews on the pizzas at The President Hotel and Surfa Rosa.

But something had to change. I needed to have my own entire pizza, crust and all. And this is exactly where the Dough Boys Pizza Base Company enters the picture.

Dough Boys DIY Kit

The Dough Boys DIY Pizza Kit contains everything you need to make a great Margherita pizza

Base, Cheese, Tomato Sauce

3x bases, tomato sauce, and cheese, all frozen

Introducing Dough Boys Pizza Base Company

Dough Boys specialises in hand-made pizza bases for restaurants, retail and home use. Pizza bases are their thing. You can get standard wheat pizza bases, but they also specialise in gluten-free and, the important for me, low-carb bases.

What’s pretty cool is that they offer DIY Pizza Kits of all of the above. Here you’ll get one pizza box that contains three pizza bases, three portions of tomato sauce, and three portions of cheese. Everything is frozen and ready to use whenever you’re craving pizza. It’s exactly this yummy low carb DIY Pizza Kit that I Love Foodies got to try.

It’s All About The Low Carb Base

If you are serious about low carb, you will know that it’s quite easy to get kicked out of ketosis if you’re not careful. Most low carb substitutes will do just that. I tend to think of substitutes as lower carb instead of low carb. You can definitely eat them, but maybe not every day.

The Dough Boys low-carb pizza base is made from cauliflower, tapioca flour, chickpea flour (which I would usually avoid because of its high carb content), psyllium husk, garlic, onion, and sea salt. The 30 cm base contains 31 g of carbs per 200 g serving, while the 26 cm base contains 23.3 g per 150 g service.

But enough about carb counts. This is a base you definitely want to try, regardless of whether you’re a low-carb eater or just someone who wants to avoid wheat in their diet.

Dough Boys Low Carb Pizza Base

You’ll get a full list of ingredients, nutritional information, and cooking instructions on the label

Pizza toppings: green peppers, mushrooms, salami, garlic, tomato, cheese

Choose any toppings you wish – we added green peppers, mushroom, garlic, and salami

DIY Your Base

As mentioned, the DIY Pizza Kit arrives with all the basics you need: base, tomato sauce, and cheese. Everything else is up to you. Considering this was to be my pizza, I got all my favourite toppings: salami, mushroom, green pepper, and garlic.

Making the pizza was super simple. Take out one base, one portion of tomato sauce, and one packet of cheese from the freezer and let it defrost. Preheat over to 240 C. Then pop in the pizza base to pre-bake. The instructions suggested 2 to 3 minutes but I left mine in a bit longer and flipped it over at one point. Low-carb bases have a tendency to be a bit soggy, so I figured the more time to bake, the better.

I used that extra time to prep my ingredients. When the base seemed right, I coated it with the tomato paste. Then I sprinkled about 80% of the cheese on it, positioned my toppings, added the remaining cheese, and whipped the pizza back into the oven to bake for a further 8 to 10 minutes. Easy peasy!

And? How Was It?

The pizza was incredible. It was so good that my sister, who is often critical of low carb offerings, ate half of it. She also named it the best low carb pizza she has ever tried. That is pretty high praise.

As for me, I loved it. The base was crunchy along the edges, with the inside soft but not soggy. And here’s the important part: The flavour of the base was neutral enough not to overpower the toppings. Some low carb pizzas sadly don’t do that. So a definite win on the base and something I will definitely order again!

Also, I loved the fact that this DIY Pizza Kit came with a generous portion of cheese. When I bought my additional toppings, I also bought some extra cheese, thinking I may need it. But, no, Dough Boys provide you with more than enough cheese to make you happy.

Green Pepper, Salami, and Mushroom Pizza With A Low Carb Base

The perfect combination of crunch and fluff – the Dough Boys Low Carb pizza base is delicious!

Final Thoughts

I was seriously impressed with this pizza base. Great flavour, easy to make, and fun with the DIY aspect of it. It’s a great thing to keep in your freezer for when you need it. And, as mentioned, even though it may be a bit higher in carbs than you’d want if you’re a serious low carber, it’s great as an occasional treat. You really can’t go wrong with this delicious pizza base.

Try Dough Boys Low Carb Pizza

The Low-Carb DIY Pizza Kit we tried is available for R175. The standard kit is available for R145. This includes delivery in select areas.

This kit, as well as all the other plain, standard wheat, and gluten-free ones, are available to order online via Eat Out the Box.

For more information on Dough Boys itself, check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Written by Sabine Palfi
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Article Date: August 2020

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