Covid-19 has had devastating effects on the restaurant, entertainment, and events industries worldwide. In Cape Town, we’ve also had to say goodbye to our fair share of beloved restaurants. They may be gone but they will certainly never be forgotten. We’ve put together this tribute post in order to honour the memories of all the restaurants that have closed down due to Covid-19 and lockdown regulations in Cape Town.

Numerous lists have sprung up about Covid-19 Cape Town restaurant closures but many of these include restaurants that had closed down months before the first case of Coronavirus was even reported in South Africa. We’ve only included restaurants that have closed down since the end of March 2020, when lockdown regulations were first implemented in South Africa.

While the below closures have been fact-checked, there may be more that we have not been able to verify. Please feel free to email us at so we can add them – and if the owners, chefs, and staff are up to new and exciting things, please let us know as well. It would be lovely to include this information and highlight the good things that are coming.

Addis in Cape

Beloved Ethiopian restaurant Addis in Cape has joined the many that have closed its doors – but memories of this unique restaurant will certainly remain. Owner Senait Mekonnen bid farewell to staff, guests, and beloved supporters in an endearing Facebook post, thanking everyone who had supported Addis in Cape and Ethiopian cuisine in general over the years. Addis in Cape certainly was an institution and will be missed.

Brownies and Downies

The inner city – with fewer residents than other areas – was possibly the hardest hit in the first few months of lockdown, and the beloved Brownies and Downies had to close its doors. 

The Butcher

This steak and seafood restaurant in Camps Bay has had to say goodbye to staff and guests.

Cocoa Wah Wah

Student favourite Cocoa Wah Wah in Rondebosch has also closed its doors but Cocoa Cha Chi and Cocoa Oola are still going strong.

the larder cafe johnny depp

The Johnny Depp Eggs Benedict at the Larder Cafe was one of the best breakfast dishes in Cape Town

Exhibit A

This beautiful fine dining establishment just opened its doors late in 2019 but, sadly, wasn’t able to weather the Covid-19 storm. Dining at Exhibit A was certainly an experience, and, hopefully, the team will put together something new as soon as they are ready.

Jason Bakery – Bree Street

The iconic Bree Street branch of Jason Bakery has closed its doors. This is definitely the end of an era. But, the good news is that the bakery is still going strong from its Green Point branch, so you’ll find all your favourites there.

Jessy’s Waffles

Jessy’s Waffles was famous for its vegan waffles that never failed to impress but, unfortunately, this niche cafe also had to close its doors. It will surely be missed by many.

The Kitchen

This Woodstock favourite was one of the first to shut its doors when Covid-19 hit. Serving up delicious salads and a favourite lunch spot for many, this one came as a surprise. But owner Karen Dudley will certainly remain on the food scene.

The Larder

An I Love Foodies favourite, The Larder Cafe in Claremont was devastated by Covid-19. But we have high hopes that Chef Sonja Edridge will impress with her culinary creations in the future.


The award-winning Myoga Restaurant at the Vineyard Hotel has been a firm favourite for many, and its closure saddened the hearts of beloved diners. But restaurant-entrepreneur Mike Bassett will not disappear from the industry, so look out for future endeavours coming your way. They said it best on their farewell page:

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new, and trust the magic of new beginnings.” – Unknown

Myoga Restaurant Bread Platter

Myoga was known for its exceptional dishes

Oven Baked

Muizenberg pizza restaurant Oven Baked has had to say goodbye after 5 years of trading.

Shortmarket Club

The closure of this Luke Dale-Roberts restaurant came as a surprise but the team has confirmed it, with no reopening in the foreseeable future. The other restaurants – The Test Kitchen and The Pot Luck Club, amongst others – are still going strong.

Smak Deli

Smak Deli may have closed its doors but the team isn’t going anywhere. Chef Katia will undoubtedly have something else up her sleeve very, very soon.


This Hout Bay favourite has been struggling for a while, and Covid-19 was the final straw that broke the camel’s back and the restaurant has had to close its doors.

The Stack

The Stack was well known for its great food, divine cocktails, and gorgeous interiors. This is certainly a one-of-a-kind establishment that will be sorely missed.

The Stack Food

The Stack featured the most beautiful interior and stunning outdoors garden

Feel free to leave a comment below as a tribute to your favourite restaurant that has closed its doors. There are certainly many more Covid-19 Cape Town restaurant closures – please e-mail us at with any updates so we can add all your favourite restaurants that have had to close their doors.

Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: August 2020


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