The Content Creators Christmas Party

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Christmas parties. So often the iconic Christmas party comes up in movies. And all Cape Town venues are constantly booked out for “year-end functions”. But that’s a thing for people with real jobs. Freelancers – like me – are really missing out on this. So we have to do it ourselves.

That’s exactly what Meg from Boring Cape Town Chick has done with her Content Creators event. See, us bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers, and otherwise creative folk spend all our time going to events and places celebrating brands and people and restaurants and food, but we never really celebrate ourselves. Hanging out and socialising is fun, but it’s always work – and it’s never about us. Not that I’m complaining though, I love what I do.

Content Creators cointreau

Cointreau welcome drinks

Content Creators crowd

Mix and mingle

But the fact that Meg has formed the Content Creators party is proof that we too deserve a little celebration, a party where it really is about us, the guys that spend hours editing photos and writing articles and building backlinks and doing all the behind-the-scenes stuff of an otherwise fant-abulous world. And she’s created a platform for all of us to intermingle and network and get to know the names and faces behind the Instagram handles and Twitter accounts. Yes, we’re all real people. And that still matters, even in this digital age we live in.

Content Creators first launched last year with an epic function at One Up on Long Street, and we headed back there this year to celebrate another successful year of content creation. It’s not over yet and there’s always more to come, but taking a break every now and then to say ‘wow, cool, I’m doing this and that’s a good thing’ is important too. So here’s to all of us that are working hard to make a creative difference!

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Oryx Desert Salt, Bouchard Finlayson, and PopSocket SA

Content Creators sponsors

Some of our sponsors

Thank you Meg for the wonderful party! And thank you to all of the sponsors – Cointreau, Butler’s Pizza, Backsberg, Entertainer, PopSocket SA, Galileo Cinema, Oryx Desert Salt, Bouchard Finlayson, One Up – for giving us your constant love and support! None of this would exist without you. Here’s to a wonderful end of 2017 and an even better 2018! To content and more!

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: November 2017