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Flying Pan

I don’t really cook a lot. As much as I love cooking with friends and family, I hate cooking by myself. Plus, I’m never really at home and whipping up a masterpiece in a few minutes is a skill I have not yet learned. But what this all means is that I’m always very keen on exploring alternate methods of getting good food into my belly that don’t involve me leaving the house or having to spend hours in the kitchen. And one of the latest of such methods I’ve discovered is The Flying Pan!

It seems that The Flying Pan was created for people just like me, offering healthy home-cooked meals to those who don’t have the time for meal planning and cooking. The menu changes constantly, with prices generally between R80 and R85 per meal, with one meal per day from each ‘menu’ – that is, Classic, Low Carb, or Vegetarian. You need to send in your orders the week before (you can do anything from two meals a day to two meals a week), and they deliver the food fresh daily. All you then have to do is pop it in the microwave or on the stove and, voila, a delicious home-cooked meal to enjoy without any of the fuss!

Flying Pan Roast Chicken & Butternut Cauli Pilaf

Roast Chicken & Butternut Cauli Pilaf

My Meal Options

These were the meal options I tried:

  • Monday: Bacon Cream Cheese Courgetti (Low Carb Menu)
  • Tuesday: Beef Madras Curry (Low Carb Menu)
  • Wednesday: Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken (Classic Menu)
  • Thursday: Chilli Con Carne (Classic Menu)
  • Friday: Roast Chicken & Butternut Cauli Pilaf (Low Carb Menu)

I’m not an avid low carber, but I do try to cut back on carbs whenever I can, and having the option to go carb-less on all meal options was a real winner for me. Of course for some I preferred the carbs, but it is nice to know that the option of being even healthier is there.

Every single dish I tried was delicious, with a good portion size that definitely filled me up – and sometimes even left me with a little left-overs for dinner. Some were a little on the spicy side – but that’s only coz I don’t eat hot at all and for any normal person these meals would be perfectly spiced. My favourites? The Bacon Cream Cheese Courgetti and the Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken!

Flying Pan Beef Madras Curry

Beef Madras Curry

Flying Pan Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne

My Favourites

I’m always weary of low-carb noodles coz every time I have them I just feel like they don’t come close to the real deal and I’d rather not be eating a noodle dish than trying to eat a low carb one. But the Bacon Cream Cheese Courgetti definitely changed my mind on this, and this was the first time I ate low carb noodles that rocked my world! Such a winner for me.

And the Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken – yummy, I’m half-drooling just thinking about this (#awkward). This was the most deliciously tender, juicy, and flavoursome chicken I’ve ever had. Chicken is never my first choice of meat, but this dish blew me away, and I’ll definitely need to try to recreate this for my family up in Namibia!

Flying Pan Bacon Cream Cheese Courgetti

Bacon Cream Cheese Courgetti

Flying Pan Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken

Spinach & Feta Stuffed Chicken

The Competition

Ok, drooling over good meals aside … I want YOU to experience The Flying Pan as well. Coz it’s so awesome and I think every single one of you would enjoy this – especially if you’re like me and hate cooking for yourself or just run around like a mad monkey most days and don’t get the chance to cook how you’d like to. The Flying Pan also caters for weddings, private events, and businesses. So maybe this will introduce you to the next big thing at your next big event!

Enter To Win

With that, we’re giving one lucky reader the chance to win The Flying Pan meals worth R500!!!! You’ll get the chance to pick and choose what you’d like. The credits will be yours to spend as you wish! Entering is super simple. All you need to do is complete the entry form below, and, voila, you’re in the draw!

For more information on The Flying Pan, visit their official website here, or check them out and give them a follow on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Competition closes at midnight Thursday 18 October. Open only to Cape Town residents. See full terms and conditions below. PLEASE NOTE: The Flying Pan only delivers to the City Bowl and Southern Suburbs. The competition is open to all Cape Town residents, but delivery will need to be arranged for that area.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: October 2018

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