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ClemenGold table setting

I’ve been to an event at Ginger and Lime before and “I chewed my lips off” like Oubass from 7de Laan used to say.  When I received the invite to represent I Love Foodies at the ClemenGold Moroccan evening hosted by Ginger and Lime, I just knew this was going to be a goodie. And oh it was! The food, the venue, and the star of the evening, the ClemenGold mandarin, were all absolutely phenomenal.

I’ve seen Clemengold in Woolworths before but I didn’t think much of it – it’s just another mandarin, right?  Now that I have heard about the hardship that founder Abraham van Rooyen struggled with to bring Clemengold to life in South Africa, and  have met the lovely, humble South Africans working with him, I have gone back to buy the ClemenGold mandarin at Woolies again and again.  The passion and love that these people have for the ClemenGold is beautiful.  And it’s freakin delicious.  It’s sweet, intense citrus flavour is divine. It’s virtually seedless and extremely easy to peel. And I am yet to taste a flavourless one.


The ClemenGold Story

Abraham’s story is inspirational.  The brand that we know as the ClemeGold mandarin is actually a Moroccan Nadorcott mandarin.  He knew that it was a phenomenal product and gained the procurement rights to grow it in South Africa.  Abraham tried to reach out to farmers to negotiate the plant-breeder rights, but everybody thought he was crazy and that it would never be a profitable business.  He didn’t let himself be perturbed by them though and went ahead and planted 10 000 of the mandarin trees!  Once they started carrying the beautiful burnt orange mandarin we know today, the fruit started to sell itself. There are now plenty of growers who produce Nadorcotts in South Africa.

The ClemenGold brand was created to ensure that the high quality Nadorcott can retain its premium value in the market and to build a product name known and trusted by consumers globally.  Take a closer look at your ClemenGold mandarin in store. Each fruit has a tiny little sticker on it verifying its brand.  

If you want to rather drink your ClemenGold, then try their gin that is produced by Hope on Hopkins brewery.  With a Fitch and Leeds water from Woolworths, it goes down pretty darn smoothly.

ClemenGold gin and tonic

ClemenGold gin

The Moroccan Feast

Another thing it goes down pretty smoothly with is a Moroccan feast developed by Ginger and Lime owner Denise and her team.  Their mission:  the ClemenGold mandarin should feature in each Moroccan dish for the evening in any shape or form.  This truly exceeded anything I have ever tasted before.  Our menu of ClemenGold-inspired dishes comprised of the following:

  • Rocket and Mint Salad with Cured Black Olives, ClemenGolds and Ricotta.
  • Moroccan Spiced Chicken Skewers with a Pomegranate Glaze, served on a bed of Sweet Potato Mash, with Griddled Clemengolds.
  • Griddled Tuna Steaks with Roast Moroccan Peppers and Tomoatoes.
  • Herbed Lamb Balls served with Harissa paste and Tzaziki.
  • Lemon and Tomato Salad.
  • Seasonal Fruit seared in butter with Thyme and ClemenGold Gin, topped with Pomegranate, Rosewater & Almond ice cream.

Now, I would call myself a bit of a foodsnob.  Maybe you would call it something else, but when I go to a restaurant to have something to eat, I expect it to be phenomenal.  If you serve me something that I could have made myself at home or that is even worse, then I get very very sad.  I love a plate that has been put together that entices the senses, that tastes of freshness and health. 

And this menu developed by Ginger and Lime ticked all of my food snob boxes.  So many flavours in each plate – I was in absolute foodie heaven.  I really wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite dish.  The rocket and mint salad sounds simple, but I could have eaten bowls of it and been happy all night long.  And the soft, spicy chicken skewers with a pomegranate glaze and griddled ClemenGolds made flavour magic happen in my mouth.

ClemenGold dried citrus

ClemenGold skewers

ClemenGold salad

Munch Time

We all sat down at a long table to enjoy our main meal – griddled tuna steaks with roast moroccan peppers and tomatoes and herbed lamb balls served with harissa paste and Tzaziki.  This was paired with pickled lemons and pickled ClemenGolds.  What’s nice about eating healthy, light food is you can eat so MUCH of it.  Even after the main meal I just felt so incredibly satisfied that I didn’t even need a dessert. 

Until it was served though.  The Ginger and Lime team seared seasonal fruit in butter with thyme and ClemenGold gin and served it with an ice cream I will never forget.  Pomegranate, rosewater and almond ice cream.  The fruit and ice cream together was the best I have ever eaten.  Thank you so much Clemengold and Ginger and Lime, you took me to absolute foodie heaven.

P.S.  We were also treated to some non-citrus food to start off the evening.  A spicy aubergine and caramelised onion dip with flat breads and roast cumin carrots, which everybody raved about.  Hummus, stand aside, aubergine is the new dip and it wins hands down. This was also followed by a salmon crudo with yoghurt and dill.  The salmon was soft and buttery, fantastically perfect.

ClemenGold food

ClemenGold food

ClemenGold dessert two

ClemenGold dessert

Check Out ClemenGold And Ginger & Lime

The I Love Foodies team has visited Ginger and Lime numerous times and we’re massive fans. We’re also massive fans of ClemenGold! For more information on Ginger and Lime, see below. For more information on ClemenGold, check out their website here.

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Written by Fria Hiemstra

Article Date: September 2018


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