I’ve always been a fan of frozen meal delivery services. I’ve certainly tried a few over the last few years running I Love Foodies, and I have yet to be disappointed. The most recent frozen meal home delivery service I’ve come across is Chefs At Home.

First up, why do I like frozen meal delivery services? Juggling different careers and a world of responsibility, I don’t always have the time to cook up a gourmet meal. I’d certainly like to – I love cooking and there really is nothing nicer than spending a few hours in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. But modern-day life doesn’t always allow for that.

At the same time, I don’t want to be getting take-out all the time either. We all know that it’s not necessarily the healthiest choice. And it’s not easy on the pocket either. Frozen meals seem to be that beautiful in-between, and you can get some fantastic gourmet dishes – prepared in a true home-cooking style – at great prices.

Who Is “Chefs At Home”?

Chefs At Home is the new baby by William Sharp. I first encountered William when he invited me to try Mangata, his restaurant in Simon’s Town. To this day, this remains one of the top foodie experiences I’ve ever had. Sadly, the restaurant has since closed down but it’s an absolute joy that the mastermind behind it is still going strong.

What stood out for me with the Chefs At Home delivery is the beautiful packaging. Even though you’re not eating out at a restaurant, presentation is still important. I may relate this to concepts by marketing mogul Seth Godin that have infiltrated my thinking – but I agree with him in that the small things really do matter and have a lasting impact.

Chefs At Home gets this right. They probably have the most beautifully wrapped frozen meals I’ve ever encountered.

Chefs At Home Frozen Meals Packaging

How gorgeous is this packaging?

Chefs At Home Menu

The Chefs At Home menu changes weekly and you can order individual dishes or get a package deal, which is great if you’re preparing for the whole week. Meals are 800g each. I tried sample sizes of a few of the Chefs At Home dishes, so the images I’m posting may not correlate to the dish you’ll be receiving, size-wise, at least.

Smoked Ham & Pea Soup

First up on my menu was the Smoked Ham & Pea Soup (R95). I heated it up and served it with freshly-toasted Sourdough Bread. And it was delicious. I’ve been slightly obsessed with Pea Soup this lockdown, perhaps because I’ve been exploring family recipes. The Chef’s At Home soup has a lovely consistency and is full of flavour.

Smoked Ham & Pea Soup

Delicious pea soup! Don’t mock my butter-spreading skills.

Lamb Shank & Confit Duck Cassoulets

Then I tried the Lamb Shank Cassoulet (R180) and the Confit Duck Cassoulet (R195). Both of these have butter beans as their base, so you wouldn’t necessarily need to add in a secondary starch, though you’re certainly welcome to serve this with rice, potatoes, pasta, or anything that tickles your tastebuds. I had both cassoulets as is to get the full flavour, and really, really enjoyed both of them. The meat in both was superbly tender, the flavours wonderful, and even my sample portion was wonderfully filling.

Chefs At Home Frozen Meals Confit Duck Cassoulet

Confit duck cassoulet

Chicken Pot Pie & Wild Mushroom Lasagne

Then, I tried the Chicken, Thyme & Apple Pot Pie (R155) and the Wild Mushroom Lasagne (R150). These are very simple to prepare – you just need to pop them in the oven. I had to leave mine in a little longer than expected to get that beautiful crispy top but my oven does tend to keep a lower temperature than it should. (I just recently learned that not all ovens are created equal and there can actually be quite a significant temperature difference between different ovens. This is just one of the many tidbits I picked up in the EdX Harvard course on the Science & Cooking, which I can highly recommend. FYI).

Nonetheless, both the Chicken Pie and the Mushroom Lasagne were wonderful as well, though I did find the pie a little on the sweet side. This is to be expected, of course, with the addition of the apple, but it may not suit everybody’s taste buds. I’m generally quite sensitive to sweetness and I’m confident that others may not have this perception.

Final Verdict

All in all, I think the Chef’s At Home meals were all delicious, really didn’t need any additional starches (as I’ve come across with a few other delivery services), and come at a super reasonable price.

Chicken, Thyme & Apple Pot Pie

Chicken, thyme & apple pot pie

Chefs At Home Frozen Meals Chicken Pot Pie

This what every pie filling should look like!

Mixed Mushroom Lasagne

Mixed mushroom lasagne

Chefs At Home Ordering Process

Ordering is super simple. You can view the weekly menus on the Chefs At Home Instagram or pop a message to their WhatsApp number (+27 82 552 3048) and they’ll keep you updated. You can then simply place your order via WhatsApp or an email to info@chefsrecruit.co.za.

You’ll need to order by Friday to receive your delivery by the following Thursday. Delivery is free for all packages or if you’re in the Southern Peninsula. It’s R40 for delivery in the Southern Suburbs, and R60 for delivery in the Cape Town CBD and surrounds.

As a recap:

  • Get the menu on Instagram or by Whatsapping +27 82 552 3048
  • Order via Whatsapp (same number) or by emailing info@chefsrecruit.co.za
  • Order by Friday for next-week delivery
  • Delivery fees:
    • FREE for packages and in the Southern Peninsula
    • R40 for Southern Suburbs
    • R60 for Cape Town CBD & surrounds

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: July 2020


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