Most I Love Foodies readers know me as “the sister”. What you do not know is that I say a silent prayer whenever we attend a foodie event. The prayer: pleeease let there be something for me to eat. And the reason: I follow a LCHF lifestyle. This, however, isn’t a post about convincing you to follow the LCHF way of life. This is a post for those who already do, for those who are too scared to miss out on their favourite food if they do, and for those who just want to eat really good food! And, most of all, this is a post for all of those wanting to find Cape Town’s best low carb treats.

For me personally, some scrambled eggs with cheese or steak and veg keep me super happy, but every now and again, I miss some of the ‘normal’ foods I used to eat before my venture into LCHF two years ago. I have tried and tasted pretty much everything CT has to offer and I have experienced some pretty awful things. Most ‘sweet things’ are far too sweet, most breads and baked goods are just too weird tasting – many have left me feeling sick and unhealthy and quite a few, on further inspection, were not really LCHF. Don’t even get me started on products stating to be LCHF and then containing, honey, dates, artificial sweeteners, and low fat milk … So before this article becomes a rant, here is my list of Cape Town’s best low carb treats:

Best Burger: Slug and Lettuce Kloof Street Bacon and Mozzarella Low Carb Burger

To go low carb, Slug replaces the bun with a grilled open brown mushroom on any of their burgers, and you get to choose between a side salad or sweet potato fries. Now, I like neither fries nor sweet potatoes, but these, as an occasional treat (sweet potato is an orange-list carb), are to die for!!! I have had many a burger but the Slug Kloof Street Burger is amazing!!! You can have any of their burgers with a mushroom, but my absolute favourite, time and time again, is the Bacon and Mozzarella one!

For more on Slug and Lettuce Kloof Street, visit the I Love Foodies Directory Entry here.

Cape Town's Best Low Carb Treats Banting Burger

Best Ice Cream: Skinny Scoop Afterdark Cacao

There are several ‘diabetic’, ‘sugar-free’ and ‘banting’ ice creams out there, but none as delicious, healthy and real as this one. The ingredients are cream, whole milk, xylitol, cocoa powder, whey protein isolate, and some sodium alginate. Most sugar-free ice creams I have tried are far too sweet and tend to taste somewhat artificial. Skinny Scoop, however, tastes amazing. Even if I ate sugar, this one would win out right! And what is life without chocolate? For non-chocolate eaters (you odd people you), Vanilla Camilla is also pretty darn good!

You can get your Skinny Scoop fix at Giovanni’s Deli World Green Point, Wellness Warehouse, bigger Spars, and my favourite, the 24 Hour Engen on Orange Road.

For more on Skinny Scoop, visit their official website here or check out the I Love Foodies review here.

Cape Town's Best Low Carb Treats Skinny Scoop

Best Bread: Alison’s Kitchen Nutty Seed Loaf

I have never been a bread eater and for me this was the easiest thing to cut out of my life. But sometimes you just really need a toasted cheese … Of all the ones I have tasted – and there have been many – this is a clear winner!!! I almost jumped out of my skin when a restaurant I Love Foodies was reviewing served it with their omelette. The Nutty Seed Loaf contains almonds, pecan and macadamia nuts, sunflower, linseed, sesame and pumpkin seeds, psyllium husk, free range eggs, full cream cultured milk, baking powder, salt and cocoa. I absolutely love that all ingredients Alison uses are non-GMO!

Alison’s Kitchen Nutty Seed loaf can be found at the Pinelands Spar and Organic Touch, among other shops, and is served in several restaurants, including Starlings and Home Town. For more info, visit them on Facebook or email them directly on to place your order.

Cape Town's Best Low Carb Treats BreadBest Cake: LCHFSA Chocolate Cake

No list of Cape Town’s best low carb treats would be complete without cake. This was one of the first LCHF cakes I tried and it is still my favourite. It’s not too sweet, super chocolatey, and very yummy. Also, as the slices are nice and big, I find I can eat from it at least twice … once at the market and then at midnight. The chocolate cake contains almond, pecan and coconut flour, milk, organic coconut oil, gluten-free baking powder, free range eggs, cocoa powder, dark chocolate with maltitol, and isomalt. I generally avoid malitol and isomalt, but for this cake I make an exception! There are several other cakes on offer at LCHFSA, but the chocolate is so good, I have yet to try another. Note to self: buy one slice of each next time. By the way, the cookies and bagels are yummy too.

You can find the LCHF stall at the Bay Harbour Market. For more information, check them out on Twitter or e-mail them directly on

Cape Town's Best Low Carb Treats Cake

Best Pizza: Col’Cacchio Foresta Banting Pizza

There are a bunch of low carb pizza bases around, and many of them are quite good … though I have had one that tasted like a boiled shoe (or what I imagine that might taste like). Anyway, the Col’Cacchio Banting pizza is amazing. The pizza base is made from cauliflower, psyllium husks, eggs, parmesan, and seasoning, and is served with a pretty yummy side salad (I generally dislike salads, but this one I like). As a topping, my downright favourite here is the Foresta (salami, black mushroom, garlic, green pepper and feta).

For more information on Col’Cacchio, visit their official website here.

Cape Town's Best Low Carb Treats Pizza

And there you go, my version of Cape Town’s best low carb treats! Enjoy!

If you have any other suggestions for more of Cape Town’s best low carb treats, feel free to comment on this post or drop us a mail. I Love Foodies would love to hear from everyone following a low carb or Banting lifestyle!

Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: July 2016