I do like a good bakery and I’m particularly fond of treats that are both tasty and pretty to look at. Over the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing and working with numerous smaller bakeries and home bakers in Cape Town, who all create exceptional treats.

Many of them focus on a particular diet or are very health-conscious, while others just create tasty goodness for the love of it.

But one thing they all have in common is that they’re all 100% exceptional and get the I Love Foodies stamp of approval.

So here, in no particular order, are our favourite small bakeries and home bakers in Cape Town.

Marty Kintu’s Cupcakes

Marty is an actor and insanely talented origami artist who I met a few years back.

But all good people find their way to food, and he’s begun baking the most delightful gluten-free cupcakes, cakes, and more.

I had the opportunity to try what he simply advertised as dark chocolate cupcakes but, oh my, they were so much more:

“Gluten-free dark chocolate cupcakes with gingerbread spices, a soft chocolate caramel centre, and topped with a chocolate oat cookie, buchu-miso-cream-cheese icing, a dark chocolate tweel, and ginger praline sprinkles.”

I was in heaven.

I tried to be all cool and nonchalant about it and just try a little nibble and save the rest for later but a few minutes in, all the cupcakes were gobbled up and I was in a happy place.

These were sensational.

To order Marty Kintu gluten-free cupcakes:

Marty doesn’t have a website and his Instagram page combines his cupcakes, origami art (which is totally worth checking out), and acting work but he’s easily available via DM on Instagram.

Cupcakes are made to order and I’d recommend just chatting to him about his latest baking adventures (which also include pumpkin pie cupcakes!!!).

But I can highly recommend those dark chocolate cupcakes.

Health Bonus: All of Marty’s treats are gluten-free and exceptionally tasty.


Marty Kintu Dark Chocolate Gluten-Free Cupcake

These dark chocolate gluten-free cupcakes were divine

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Cape Patisserie

I first started chatting to Alice from Cape Patisserie after I highlighted a few low carb bakeries on my Instagram Stories.

She’s such a wonderful young woman with an interesting background that involves hailing from France, a professional medical history, and following love to Cape Town. If you ask me, that’s the baseline for a good movie.

Turns out, Alice is also especially gifted in creating vegan, gluten-free and refined-sugar-free pastries that are yummy and absolutely gorgeous.

I tried a handful of her treats and my three absolute favourites included:

  • Lemon meringue tartlet with a hazelnut praline heart (R55): This is probably the prettiest lemon meringue I’ve ever seen & I would never have guessed that it was vegan.
  • Florentine tartlet (R65): Without a doubt, the best florentine I’ve ever had. I’m a massive fan of florentines generally and try to have them wherever I go.
  • Hazelnut bite (R25): Less ‘exciting’ than the others but sometimes simple is best and this was super yum!

Vegan treats don’t usually make it to the top of my list (I love my dairy), but Alice has definitely managed to create something spectacular with Cape Patisserie.

To order Cape Patisserie vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free pastries:

Visit the website at www.capepatisserie.com or reach Alice directly via Instagram. She’s super helpful in answering any questions.

Health Bonus: All of Alice’s treats are vegan, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free.


Small Bakeries: Cape Patisserie Vegan Pastries

How beautiful are the Cape Patisserie tartlets?

Cape Patisserie Snickers Dome

Food By Kai

I was introduced to pastry chef Leeandra Govender by celebrity chef Jason Whitehead a few weeks ago and was almost jittery with excitement at trying her Food by Kai cakes.

Hey, if Jason Whitehead recommends something, it must be good.

And he wasn’t wrong.

These cakes aren’t gluten-free or sugar-free or vegan or any of the new-age trends. They’re traditional, old school goodness that can impress again and again.

Of course, they’re also insanely pretty.

I was lucky enough to try the Food By Kai Festive Treats box, which included a handful of delicious cakes and tartlets.

My three favourites:

  • Strawberry cheesecake (our feature image for this article)
  • Chocolate mousse cake
  • Banana-caramel swiss roll

Every bite of every one of these was pure goodness. Perfect fluffy consistency, gentle flavour, and divinely tasty.

If you’re thinking of getting someone a festive treat ahead of Christmas, this is definitely a good option.

To order Food By Kai cakes and pastries:

Food by Kai is currently taking orders directly via Instagram. They showcase their regular offerings on the page but you can also DM them to get updated information. 

Health Bonus: All of Leeandra’s cakes and pastries will send you to food heaven coz they’re just so tasty.


Small Bakeries in Cape Town: Food By Kai Chocolate mousse cake

Beautiful and delicious: this chocolate mousse cake was delightful

Food By Kai Banana-Caramel swirl

This banana-caramel swiss roll was so spongy!

Guiltless Bakery

I’ve featured Guiltless Bakery before but their low carb treats are definitely worth mentioning again.

Thus far, they’re the only ones we’ve found that are truly low carb and exceptionally tasty.

Guiltless offers a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

You can read our full review here.

To order Guiltless low carb treats:

Order online at www.guiltless.co.za or chat to Claire directly on Instagram.

Health Bonus: All of Claire’s treats are low carb and gluten-free. She also has a few vegan items.


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Guiltless Bakery

This low carb cheesecake was divine!

Support Small Bakeries

And there you go, our favourite small bakeries and home bakers in Cape Town that are worth ordering from.

Many of these started as lockdown projects and it’s so great to see people create magic in a time as crazy as Covid-19.

All of these lovely people are super easy to talk to and would probably be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We can highly recommend every one of these.

Happy eating!

Written by Benike Palfi
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Article Date: December 2020

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