Everyone has been hit hard by the COVID19 outbreak. Personally, I’ve been knocked down hard by the film industry coming to a complete and abrupt standstill. With I Love Foodies, I’ve had the privilege of making a choice – and had decided to postpone all reviews in an effort to flatten the curve and encourage social distancing. But there are still Cape Town restaurants and cafes operating that are trying hard to survive and support their employees and their families, while still encouraging social distancing and the flatten the curve movement. We’ve been sharing these with you via social media over the last week. But lockdown happens in three days, so if you want to support these Cape Town restaurants and cafes, time is running out. Below you’ll find a list of restaurants and cafes that make it easy for you to support them. 

These measures may include curbside delivery, collection and delivery operations, frozen meals, as well as discounts offered on deliveries and take-outs to encourage customers to go for these options. While many restaurants are still operating as normal and have upped their hygiene methods in order to keep themselves and their customers safe, we have chosen not to include these as we do not want to encourage people to go out, even before lockdown. This does not mean that we do not support these businesses. Safety first.

The list below is by no means exhaustive and there may be many more restaurants and cafes offering these that we are not aware of. For this, we apologise.

Cape Town Restaurants Free Delivery

Curbside Delivery

Curbside delivery has really popped up all over the place. The thinking behind this is that you don’t need to leave your car to receive your order but that a restaurant employee will deliver your food to you in a drive-by scenario. The thinking was that this supports small businesses as these cafes and restaurants can still remain open and survive these tough times but encourages social distancing in that no one actually needs to enter the restaurant space. Try the below cafes to get your last chance of curbside delivery before lockdown.

The Larder Cafe

The Larder Cafe is one of our favourite cafes in Cape Town and we’re obsessed with their delicious breakfasts. We’ve reviewed them numerous times in the past. The cafe is still open but has already closed for sit-down customers. All orders are for takeaway only, and they will bring your order to your car.

You can order any of the cafe’s menu items but they also offer a range of other goods that help you stock up at home so you don’t have to leave the house as often. These include bread, eggs, soups, and frozen pies. The Larder Cafe is great at updating their Instagram account with the latest news. Call +27 21 671 1958 to place your order.

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Home-baked bread

Willoughby & Co

Avoiding shopping malls is the smart thing to do, so Willoughby & Co is also offering a curbside delivery service. You can order any of their delicious menu items and enjoy one last great sushi meal before lockdown. Simply place your order telephonically (+27 21 418 6115), call them upon arrival at the V&A, and they will bring your order to your car outside Entrance Number 1 at the V&A Waterfront. Cash and card payments accepted.

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Loading Bay

Loading Bay offers ‘drive-by take-aways’ so they’ll bring your order to you so you don’t have to leave your car!

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Origin Coffee

Order coffee, drinks, grab & go food, or coffee beans and pay on arrival via Snapscan or card. You can come to the shop’s hatch or they’ll meet you at the curb. Order via WhatsApp on +27 066 044 2343.

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Cape Town Restaurants Las Paletas Free Delivery

Free Door-To-Door Delivery

Las Paletas

Las Paletas produces the most amazing ice cream and if you haven’t tried these, then you’re certainly in for a treat. Normally they only offered free delivery for online orders of over R500 but given the current times, they’re now offering free delivery on all online orders. This is to encourage you to order from the comfort of your own home instead of heading out to get your ice cream fix. Simply visit their online shop – all payments are done online and delivery takes place within 3 working days. Hopefully, that will be enough time. If you are ordering from Las Paletas, we would encourage you to place a larger order and stock up your freezer.

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Home Bao

Home Bao delivers delicious frozen dim sum that you can cook at home for ultimate freshness. We’ve tried them, and they’re delicious! You can order these online and they offer free delivery. As with Las Paletas, we’d suggest placing a larger order to stock up your freezer. We would recommend this for all the frozen items available further down the list as well.

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Guyall’s Kitchen & Deli

Delivery is only free for orders of R500 or more but these guys are great. Every week they prepare a menu of amazing dishes, which are packaged and frozen on-site, then delivered straight to your door. Browse the Guyall’s menu on their website and order straight on there or via WhatsApp on +27 84 844 1118. Order deadline is Wednesday 15:00 with delivery on Thursday.

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Making Pasta

Discounts On Delivery


The Primi restaurants are offering 20% off all collection orders so that you don’t have to come in to dine at the restaurant. The menu is available online. Simply take a look, choose what you want, and call in to place your order. Some carb loading may be nice before hibernation.

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New Collection/Delivery Facilities of Menu Items, Frozen Goods, and More

Melting Pot Street Food

Melting Pot is not accommodating sit-down customers but is ready to receive your takeaway orders. You can call or WhatsApp them on +27 71 525 8875 to place your order. The menu is available online.

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Clarke’s now has collection facilities available and will continue to deliver food through UberEats. They’re offering Clarke’s classics to make at home as well as ready-made meals. In addition, they’re also offering a bunch of grocery items such as bread, fresh vegetables, pasta, canned goods, coffee, eggs, milk, broth, and more.

Their whole website has also changed to accommodate the pandemic and they have all the information you may need on there. What’s great about this is that Clarke’s continues to buy from the small businesses they support and give you the portal to get everything from them, so you can support one small business supporting many other small businesses.

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Giulio’s Cafe

Giulio’s Cafe has a brand new Quarantine Home Meals menu offering sandwiches, salads, frozen bakes (pies, lasagne, etc.), frozen pizzas, and cakes/desserts. All items are available for pick-up. The full menu is available on their website and they’re accepting orders via e-mail at info@giulios.co.za or telephonically via +27 21 418 6304.

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Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

Frankie Fenner now also offers home deliveries so you can enjoy high-quality meat products at home. This may be great to stock up your freezer for the next three weeks. You can email them on orders@ffmm.co.za. You can also order Frankie Fenner goodies directly through UberEats or Mr D.

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El Burro

The Taqueria branch is already closed but the Green Point branch is still open for pick-ups. You can enjoy Enchilada Freezer Meals or the El Burro Taco Boxes! The taco boxes sound particularly cool. It’s basically a DIY taco set including tortillas, slaw, guacamole, pickled pink onions, picco de gallo, sour cream (vegan option available), and any two taco fillings. The taco filling options include chicken, spicy chorizo, fish, and beans. R250 for 2 or R500 for a box of 4. Order through UberEats or Mr D.

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Cape Town Restaurants El Burro Tacos

Oranjezicht Market

The Oranjezicht Market is closed but the vegetables are still available for purchase online. So get your immune system up by eating healthy and supporting local suppliers. Email market@ozcf.co.za for more information and to place your name on the veggie box list. At the time of publication we’re unsure of further details of this and if this will still take place before lockdown, but please contact the market directly for more information.

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Picnic Company 

The Picnic Company is working from home and preparing fresh home-cooked meals to deliver all over Cape Town. You can head to social media for information on what’s available. E-mail info@picnics.co.za to place your order.

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Mulberry & Prince

Mulberry & Prince now also offers packed-to-go meals. You can order a variety of their menu items as well as a “Quarantine Pack”. View the to-go menu here. To order, simply call +27 422 3301 or text +27 63 783 7531.

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The Cousins Restaurant

You can order home-made pasta from The Cousins Restaurants to use or freeze. A bunch of their freshly-made sauces are also available. All pastas are available in 500g or 1kg portions (average 120g per person per portion).

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Raw Catering Co

Order wholesome frozen food for home delivery. They have an amazing order form available (with menu options) but you can also e-mail them on info@rawcateringco.com.

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Sepial’s Kitchen

Sepial’s Kitchen, which offers North-East Asian flavours, has closed their doors for sit-down but now offers a personal delivery service. Payment by EFT or Sncapscan only. They have a designated order form available.

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Cape Town Restaurants Cooking

Times are tough and they will undoubtedly get a little tougher. We firmly believe that South Africa has made the right decision by going into lockdown and we’re celebrating the fact that we can support a nation that takes this seriously. We all should. But before lockdown occurs, and if you have the means, take a moment to support the Cape Town restaurants you’ve learnt to love.

We’re thinking of each and every one of you.

With love, always.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: March 2020


All information correct at time of publication. We do not accept any liability caused by errors, including, but not limited to, changes in price, menu, opening times, address, or other contact details.