Radio Part Two: Cape Town Restaurant Reviews on Obi, Thali, and The Square

Cape Town Restaurant Reviews Obi

The magic at Obi

As promised on Friday, here’s the second part of the latest Peter Goffe-Wood Show on 2 Oceans Vibe Radio, where all the excitement was focused on cooking classes at the 126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe, knife cleaners, and three amazing Cape Town restaurant reviews The cooking classes and knife cleaners were expanded upon last week, simply to make room for three wonderful reviews of three wonderful restaurants: Obi, The Square, and Thali!

Restaurant Review One: Obi

We’d have to agree with Aimee that Obi is one of the few spots in town that focuses on traditional Asian food that’s actually affordable – and they’re super delicious to boot! Some favourites include their vegetable tempura, wilted spinach, fried aubergine with honey-miso, yellowtail sashimi, and their rice-less sushi roll! Catch the full podcast here:

Restaurant Review Two: The Square

The Square is one of the awesome restaurants at the Vineyard Hotel (which is only one of our favourite hotels in Cape Town). This is 100-seater restaurant with breakfast, buffets, and a classic lunch and dinner a la carte menu. The focus here is on sustainability, which is always a great thing. They also have some amazing events coming up. You’ll get all the details in the podcast:

Restaurant Review Three: Thali

This is the spot you want to visit for exquisite Indian cuisine. There is a bit of a catch though: There is no menu per se. Instead, diners will receive a five-course tapas experience, which changes every evening. Sound intriquing? Then listen to the full podcast here:

The gorgeous food at Thali

And there you have it – three Cape Town restaurant reviews in podcast format.

Catch us live on Two Oceans Vibe Radio again soon!

Written by Benike Palfi

Show Date: 5 July 2017