As most of my regular readers will know, I spend my time between Cape Town and London. So when I Love Foodies was recently invited to re-visit The Station on Bree – an ode to all things London – my heart did a little leap of joy. I mean, what’s not to love about London? The Station on Bree certainly pays tribute to all the city’s best parts, including an emphasis on gin, witty sayings, and pub grub.

Welcome to The Station on Bree

Welcome to The Station on Bree

London Mind The Gap

If you’ve been to London, you’ll know the ‘Mind the Gap’ saying all too well!

A World Of Gin at The Station on Bree

The pub nature of The Station on Bree is pretty evident the second you walk in. It’s got the rustic interior, an emphasis on deep-fried food, and a drinks menu that runs on and on for pages. The drinks menu is probably my favourite part. And what does The Station on Bree specialise in? Gins. Gins, gins, and more gins. I can’t even count how many different gins they have on the menu, but if a gin exists, chances are The Station on Bree will have it.

We didn’t go overboard with trying these, but a few notable goodies include the African Craft Gin collection (Marula, Baobab, Honey Bush, and Elderflower), Bloedlemon, Ginifer Chilli Gin, and the Jin Gin (Orange Rooibos & Honey, Olive & Honey, Tomato Sweet Piquant Pepper). Of course, they also have all the old favourites, as well as gin on tap.

African Gin Collection Marula

Tried the Marula Gin by the African Craft Gin Collection – delicious!

The Small Plates Menu

Menu-wise, as mentioned, there is a heavy emphasis on deep-fried foods. So if you’re looking for a healthy lunch or dinner, this is probably not the place for you. But if you’re after all-round comfort food, order away.

The Small Plates section of the menu doubles as both starters as well as tapas, and there are numerous lucrative options available here. Upon manager recommendation, we had the London Eye Hot Beef Pan (R85), Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid (R75), The Tube Calamari (R75), Kingston Calamari (R95), Peri-Peri Chicken Livers (R65), Vegetable Springroll Surprise (R50), Chicken Springroll Surprise (R60), District Six Poppers (R55), and the Abbey Road Poppers (R55). Before you gasp at that list – we only had half portions of each of these, and I’ll share more on this further down.

The tapas were decent but, unfortunately, none of them blew me away. Some of the dishes we ordered grilled came out fried, and some of the dough was still raw, which tainted the experience a bit. This is a pity as when I visited Station on Bree back in 2018, I was thoroughly impressed. That said, my sister, Sabine, and my good friend Leigh, who runs Lipgloss Is My Life, gave wonderful feedback on what they had. Sabine eats a low carb diet, so we left the beef pan and the grilled calamari tubes for her. She really enjoyed both of these.

Leigh is slightly obsessed with chilli poppers and chicken livers. She swore that these peri-peri chicken livers were some of the best she’s ever had, and she took a particular liking to the District Six Poppers, despite the partially raw dough. Interestingly, these are peppadew poppers and not jalapeño poppers, giving them a wholly more approachable taste for those less-chilli-inclined folk out there.

Crispy spring rolls

Crispy spring rolls – the chicken ones were particularly nice!

Station on Bree Small Plates

Salt and Pepper Squid … and more

Station on Bree kingston calamari

Kingston calamari, stuffed with cream cheese and Spanish chorizo

chilli poppers

Poppers, anyone?

Big Ben: The Big Guys

While Leigh continued to enjoy the starters, Sabine and I moved on to mains. Sabine had the 200g Rump Steak (R145), served with a Cafe de Paris butter. The kitchen forgot to add the Cafe de Paris butter and the steak was a bit dry and tough – but instantly transformed when the butter was added, and Sabine then quite enjoyed it.

I went for the single portion Chicken Kiev (R95), an odd choice considering I don’t much enjoy fried foods. But it sounded like one of the more interesting dishes on the menu, and I actually really enjoyed this. Cheesy and delicious. Make it a cheat meal. Plus, that price of R95 is pretty unbeatable!!! I’d go back for this.

Station on Bree Chicken Kiev

Chicken kiev with creamy mushroom sauce

Station on Bree Mains

Steak with a side of mashed potatoes, spinach, and pumpkin

Peri-Peri Chicken Livers

Leigh had a love affair with these peri-peri chicken livers

Saturday Gin & Tapas Special

Indeed, there’s another offer that makes The Station on Bree pretty unbeatable – and, yes, it has something to do with those half portions I mentioned earlier. See, every Saturday from 15:00 to 20:00, The Station on Bree runs a G&T special. That’s Gin & Tapas, not Gin & Tonic. For R200, you can get any 5 double gins or half-portion tapas, and you can mix and match as you choose (i.e. you can choose to have 5 gins or 5 tapas, or you can choose, say, 2 gins and 3 tapas, or any which way you like). It’s an amazing special and definitely a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Final Thoughts

All in all? Well, this was a difficult review for me to write as some aspects of The Station on Bree I absolutely loved, and others I really didn’t. But the things that are good are pretty darn amazing, and I’m dreaming of that Chicken Kiev right now. Indeed, their gin selection, that Saturday special, and the chicken kiev are top-notch, and I’ll trust Sabine and Leigh with their recommendations of the beef pan, calamari tubes, chicken livers, and the peppadew poppers! Plus, I also fondly remember some of the other dishes I had when I went in 2018 – and these are still on the menu. (I always try ordering different things at restaurants to get an all-round feel). So I’ll have to go back and give them another try.

Visit The Station on Bree

Get all the info on where to find The Station on Bree below. Also, check out their website for tons of other foodie specials!

The Station on Bree

Address: 207 Bree Street, Cape Town CBD


Opening Times: Monday & Tuesday (11:00 – 00:00), Wednesday & Thursday (11:00 – 02:00) Friday & Saturday (11:00 – 04:00)

Call: +27 21 422 0566


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: February 2020


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