Cape Town can easily be called one of the top health food destinations in the world. The city is commonly known as the playground for the world’s prettiest people. It attracts models, celebrities, and other rich and famous from all over. Llandudno, Camps Bay, the Atlantic Seaboard, and the CBD are the hotspots for this crowd – and the healthy food choices they’re commonly associated with. It is here that you’ll find the majority of smoothie bars, vegan cafes, and restaurants specialising in the latest trends. But Faithful Food, which has recently opened up in Rondebosch, brings the health food craze to an entirely different part of town. And they couldn’t have done it any better.

The Faithful Food Space

Nestled on a side road just off Rondebosch Main, Faithful Food occupies a space much larger than I had anticipated. Much of it is ‘wasted space’ as there’s hardly any seating, apart from a few stools at a counter and a couch area in one of the corners. Faithful Food isn’t quite your ‘come in and eat’ kind of spot and much of their focus lies on delivery through Mr D, Uber Eats, and Order In.

It’s a shame, really, as their food is absolutely gorgeous, perfectly Instagrammable, and the cafe itself is pleasant to sit in. My good friend Zak and I occupied the couch area and, personally, I really enjoyed the open space … which is probably why we spent a good 3-4 hours there!

Faithful Food Couch Area

Faithful Food

Introducing The Menu

The Faithful Food menu is small but they have everything you’d need, from smoothies to smoothie bowls, basic breakfasts, juices, and wraps. They even have a few naughty dessert treats. Everything looked divine and making a decision was pretty difficult. Eventually, though, Zak and I both decided to go for a smoothie bowl and smoothie each, and ordered an avo toast and wrap to try, photograph, and have for lunch later.


Zak had the Cocoa Smoothie (large; R61) with cocoa powder, peanut butter, blueberries, banana, strawberries, and honey. I had the Dragon Smoothie (small; R59) with dragon fruit, granadilla, flax seed powder, banana, and honey.

Everything on the menu is vegan or vegetarian. You can also easily swap out any non-vegan ingredients to create a vegan dish.

The smoothies were absolutely massive, ice-cold, and super refreshing. Zak’s smoothie was less cocoa-overwhelming than we had anticipated, which is sad if that’s what you’re expecting but great if you just want a hint of it. My Dragon Smoothie was divine.

Faithful Food Food

Smoothie Bowls

For the smoothie bowls, Zak had the Acai Bowl (R110), with organic açai berries, blueberries, banana, strawberries, and purified water, and topped with granola, berries, banana, and coconut shaves. I had the Strawberry Bowl (R60), with maca powder, strawberries, blueberries, and banana, topped with granola, berries, banana, and coconut shaves.

We had intended on ordering two entirely different bowls to present you with great images but stupidly enough ended up choosing two bowls that looked exactly the same and tasted very similar. Rookie error.

Nonetheless, the bowls were absolutely divine. Like the smoothies, these are absolutely massive and super refreshing. And the added toppings give it that extra crunch to give you a full meal. I hadn’t anticipated that a smoothie bowl would fill me up so quickly, so I was pleasantly surprised. (Also: I ate the smoothie bowl before I even touched my actual smoothie).

The one thing that absolutely stands out for me is the price range. My Strawberry Smoothie Bowl, at R60, is the cheapest on the menu. Zak’s Acai Bowl, at R110, is the most expensive one on the menu. Coming from the Cape Town CBD where you’d easily flesh out R120+ for an average smoothie bowl, eating at Faithful Food where you can spend half of that and get something amazing is mind-blowing.

Faithful Food Smoothie Bowls

The coconut bowls are great but can be a little wobbly

Faithful Food Smoothie Bowl

The added crunch makes all the difference

Breakfast Toast

I also tried the Avo Rye Toast (R45) – rye bread with avocado, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, salt, and pepper. I had the avo toast as is but you can also add 2 free-range boiled eggs for R15. I’ve always considered avo toast to be a millennial trend that I definitely did not want to be a part of. That said, I have fallen prey to the trend a few times and sold my left kidney to try it. I’ve always been disappointed. But Faithful Food served me the best avo toast I’ve ever had. It’s literally covered in sprouts and there’s absolutely no doubt that Faithful Food gives you the very best they have.


In addition, I also had the Lotus Wrap ( R59), with baby spinach, salted crunchy seeds, carrots, parmesan cheese, butternut, free-range boiled egg, hummus, and a basil/yoghurt dressing. Of all the dishes we tried, this was probably my least favourite. Perhaps because it was overly leafy or because it just felt too healthy for me but it definitely lacked that flavour oomph everything else had. I’m pretty certain this is a matter of personal preference. Or the fact that I had the first bite of this after my rich smoothie bowl.

Faithful Food Wrap and avo toast

How gloriously sprouty is that avo toast?

Visit Faithful Food

All in all, though, Faithful Food knocked my socks off. Or my flip flops. Whichever works best. The service was slow but friendly, the food was insanely delicious and offered enormous value for money, and the entire experience was great. Indeed, a whole morning well-spent. While I’d be tempted to just hit up Mr D Food to bring me my next dose of Faithful Food, I really enjoyed spending time there. So I may actually just head back to the cafe for another morning filled with fun, food, and laughter.

Grab all the details on Faithful Food below.

Faithful Food

Address1 Devonshire Hill Road, Rondebosch 7700, Cape Town


Call: +27 60 683 8899


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Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: March 2020


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