Bean There Coffee Company ‘Tip the Farmer’ Campaign

Coffee makes the world go round and creates so much happiness for us coffee lovers. But like with most things in life, you need to know where it comes from and under which circumstances. Luckily one of my favourite local coffee companies – Bean There – is big on that, and you’ll find out exactly why below.

Ethically Sourced

Bean There Coffee Company brings us the finest coffee sourced only from Africa and so ‘keeps it in the family’. Bean There also has a Direct Fair Trade agreement with the farmers and producers they source from. In essence, this means that a relationship is built with the farmers by trading with them directly, fairly, and ethically. This not only uplifts the farmers but the entire community as well. Direct Fair Trade equals paying for the quality of the coffee, and not the unfair prices the fluctuating market may suggest. So this is exactly what Bean There Coffee Company does.

The Tip the Farmer Campaign

But here is something that you, the consumer, can do to help make a difference. On National Coffee Day – 29 September – Bean There Coffee Company, together with Motherland, ELAN RDC, and Olam Coffee, launched the Tip the Farmer Campaign to help local farmers even further.

The Thundafund Campaign

What is this? Well, basically, a Thundafund campaign was put into place to raise R55 000 for the DR Congo and Burundi. The money for DR Congo will go directly to Virunga Coffee, who will increase farmers’ revenue by 16%. In Burundi, the Musema Corporation will fund an agronomist for a year, which can double farmers’ income in the long term!  You can access the Thundafund campaign directly from the Tip the Farmer webpage. The campaign runs till the end of the month!

National Coffee Day Celebrations

Of course you don’t just launch a campaign like this without some celebration. So on National Coffee Day, Dean from InstaEats and Mischa from What’s On In Cape Town (and, of course, I Love Foodies) joined Bean There Coffee Company for a morning of adventure. Cause Bean There isn’t the official coffee of adventure for no reason!   

After some flat whites in the Wale Street roastery and getting to choose our own beautiful made-from-bamboo and very much reusable take away Ecoffee Cup, the adventure began. We and a giant Bean There Coffee cup hopped into a Land Rover and were taken to a secret location high up in the hills of Constantia. It was a beautiful clear day and just perfect for such an adventure. We got to try cold brew coffee, mixed it with tonic, and enjoyed some snacks while posing for super fun pics – with the giant coffee cup, obviously.

Sadly I needed to leave the adventure for another event, but the team went on to enjoy Bean There coffee made via the MSR Stove System (available from Bean There for R2300) on Chapmans Peak, which sounded pretty awesome to me.

Support Bean There

So here is to you, Bean There Coffee Company, for always going one step beyond, making sure I can enjoy my coffee and feel good about it too! A huge thank you to Nicole, Sarah, Beverly and everyone at Bean There Coffee for inviting I Love Foodies to join the adventure.

Bean There Coffee Company

Address: Numerous shops around South Africa. See website for details.


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Written by Sabine Palfi

Article Date: October 2018


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