A world of gratitude to James Bell for your technical expertise, patience, and continuous guidance. I Love Foodies was a mere dream and you, and the whole Billion Dollar Boy team that has been involved through your initiative, have made this dream a reality. You’re the reason I Love Foodies exists.

To my sister, mom, and dad,  thank you for your continuous love and support throughout the development of this project, and particularly during the first few tough months. I love you dearly.

Thank yous also to Jonny Gibaud for the motivation and design inspiration to finish the website, Johan Dempers for making your wonderful photograph of Cape Town available to us, and, of course, to DeadCurious, the back-end that’s making all of this possible.

Finally, thank yous to all the restaurants, owners, chefs, etctera, who have shared their photographs, information, and foodie dreams; this site would be pretty dull without you.

Thank you all for sharing the I Love Foodies vision. Love to each and every one of you.