For our review policy, we’d like to quote a section of the very first I Love Foodies blog:

“Now, I thought that what I wanted to do was write reviews on restaurants. But then I realised that, unfortunately, not all restaurants are great and not all experiences are worth writing about. I certainly don’t want to spend my time recounting tales of not-so-joyous food experiences. There is enough negative critique in this world, and more than enough places where such critique of restaurants can be found. What I offer is slightly different – an exploration of the dishes that genuinely make me happy, tastes that make my mouth water, and restaurants that I would go back to again and again. I want to write about the food that makes me smile, and the places that you can visit to make you smile too. This city certainly has a fair number of culinary gems, some of which I know, some of which I haven’t discovered, but I’m willing to venture out and try them all. So join me on my food adventures through the Mother City and discover all the culinary gems this city has to offer on ‘I Love Foodies’.”

So, that’s pretty much it – we write reviews on places that make us happy, and while we’re not afraid of mentioning something that’s off, we prefer to focus on what’s good. The world needs more of that. We are not paid to write restaurant reviews and won’t paint a pretty picture just because someone told us to.