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Benike Palfi

Contributors Benike Palfi


“Editor. Writer. Resident foodie. Also actress, model, and lover of life and adventure … And did I mention food?”


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Sabine Palfi

Contributors Sabine Palfi



“Actress … and accidental foodie, which is what happens when you are related to a foodie, get dragged to enough foodie events, and suddenly find yourself snapping pics of your flat whites.”


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Claire Horn


“Global Nomad and Ice Cream Addict. Growing up in the Middle East, studying in France and working in Asia gave me a love for hospitality, wine, and spice. After visiting over 40 different countries, I’m finally exploring my roots in Cape Town – one mint choc chip cone at a time!”


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 Mary-Anne Gontsana



“Journalist and writer who is fascinated with all things food, fashion and all-around entertainment. I strongly believe in working hard and playing even harder; we all need a balance in life.”



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Valerie Joy Robinson




“I’m a proudly South African journalist, presenter and actress.  I have a incredible passion for travel, food, nature and life. More often than not you will find me with a plate of deliciousness in front of me and a good glass of wine in hand.”


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Claire Williams





“Psychology student turned foodie. I’ll never turn down an opportunity to try new foods. Having always been a fan of good food, good wine, and great people, it seems only fitting that I get to pursue my passion by writing about it too.”


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Gill Eastwood


“Lifelong foodie, actress, writer, and law of attraction coach.  I help people uncover and follow their passion and believe in walking the walk by indulging my love of all things creative and delicious.”


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