The I Love Foodies mission in a nutshell:

I Love Foodies offers you the best restaurants, specials, and reviews. Because eating out is just more fun.

We provide high-quality restaurant reviews that are fueled by honesty and integrity. We write about the restaurants and products we enjoy. While we’re not afraid of mentioning something that’s off, we prefer to focus on the good. The world needs more of that. Why share if it isn’t worth sharing? What’s the point of complaining? Why not help make the world a better place, even if it’s just one restaurant review at a time?

If you’re wondering how we started, read on.

The Backstory Of I Love Foodies

How do you start a passion project that turns into an entity of its own, far larger than you could have ever imagined? One step at a time, it seems.

I’m Benike Palfi, and I’m the founder of I Love Foodies. I was born and raised in Namibia. My mom is German and my dad’s Hungarian, and even if you’ll never learn anything else about me, that fact alone will tell you that I grew up with a very expansive kitchen and the most delightful meals.

I’ve always loved food. I’ve always enjoyed eating out. Some of my fondest memories growing up involve food – 5-star buffets with my mom, playing “I Spy With My Little Eye’ while waiting for Chinese takeaways with my dad, learning how to use chopsticks with a straw, spending hours in the kitchen with my mom on Christmas morning, and thinking up a world of delicious meals to cook with my dad. The memories are endless.


Flash-forward to the year I first began thinking about starting what would become I Love Foodies. I was living in Cape Town and had just completed my graduate degree in English Language & Literature. The world was new and scary and exciting. Much had changed – this was the first time in my life I wasn’t studying in one form or another and it was the first time I decided to pursue acting, my first love, full time. But one thing hadn’t changed: I still loved food.

At this point, I was also exploring the world of writing away from the academic world I’ve become so comfortable with and started writing for a US-based digimag headed up by Billion Dollar Boy and its co-founder, James Bell. After trying out various genres of colloquial writing, I finally decided that I really ought to write about restaurants and all my experiences. My boyfriend at the time and I were dining out a few times a week anyway, and all I needed was the platform to share.

Add in more detail: Finances were tight, as they always seem to be, and I was constantly searching for the next good restaurant deal. But none of the information Google provided me with seemed organised enough for me. I am German, after all, and I like my life to be precise and orderly. So I decided that, in addition to writing reviews about all of my favourite restaurants, I also wanted to provide information – restaurant listings, specials, and all the best deals so that others could find the information I was constantly searching for.

The Birth Of I Love Foodies

James, who had become a guiding mentor by this point, loved my idea and helped me to get started. Many, many, many months later – in May 2015 – I finally clicked that ‘publish’ button, and I Love Foodies was born.

Our tagline: I Love Foodies. Bringing you the coolest Cape Town restaurants, specials, and reviews. Because eating out is just more fun.

Now And Beyond

But that tagline isn’t entirely relevant anymore. It’s been a few years. We now feature a world of recipes, competitions, and news. And I Love Foodies is no longer just about Cape Town. Since I’ve moved to London and hop between the UK and South Africa, I’ve expanded operations to work in both cities. I’m also no longer solely behind the content. I Love Foodies has numerous contributing writers, who operate in Cape Town, London, and New York City.

But the I Love Foodies core is still the same. We provide high-quality restaurant reviews that are fueled by honesty and integrity. Because eating out is still more fun.

Work With Us

We would love to work with you. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Reviews (restaurants, products, experiences)
  • Social media coverage (events, launches)
  • Advertising (advertorials, banners, affiliate, social media)
  • Competitions
  • Food photography
  • Recipes

Please contact us directly to set up review opportunities and to request our media kit and rate card. The best way to reach us is via e-mail to

I Love Foodies Review Policy 

We are not paid to write restaurant reviews and won’t paint a pretty picture just because someone told us to. But, we will always highlight the positives and find ways that a restaurant or cafe stands out. We want to share what’s good in this world. 

If you’re looking for a review site that brings people and places down, then this is not it. If you have nothing nice to say, why say it at all?

This does not mean we don’t have bad experiences – we do. But instead of complaining to the world, we prefer to take a proactive approach and provide constructive criticism directly to the restaurant. In this way, we can support the restaurant industry and give them direct feedback to better themselves and their offering. Usually, we go back to review the restaurant in question again after they’ve had some time to readjust.

Thank Yous

A world of gratitude to James Bell for your technical expertise, patience, and continuous guidance. I Love Foodies was a mere dream and you, and the whole Billion Dollar Boy team that has been involved through your initiative, have made this dream a reality. You’re the reason I Love Foodies exists.

To my sister, mom, and dad,  thank you for your continuous love and support throughout the development of this project, and particularly during the first few tough months. I love you dearly.

Thank yous also to Jonny Gibaud for the motivation and design inspiration to finish the website, and, of course, to DeadCurious, the back-end that’s making all of this possible.

Finally, thank yous to all the restaurants, owners, chefs, and etcetera, who have shared their photographs, information, and foodie dreams. This site would be pretty dull without you.

Thank you all for sharing the I Love Foodies vision. Love to each and every one of you.

Legal & Copyright

Copyright of all original content published remains with I Love Foodies. Content may not be used for social media, websites, or any other form of advertising or promotional materials without prior written consent.

Read our full legal notice & privacy policy here.