Weight loss seems to be a thing most women over the age of twenty-five are obsessed with. Yes, partially this is due to society’s increased (though delusional) demands of what a woman’s body should look like, but partially this is also due to the slowing down of our metabolism and an ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle. I hate to say it, but the older we get, the lazier we seem to get. So if you’re not one of those adrenaline junkies and are dying to lose a few kilos – or even just stay in shape over the winter months – then just follow these simple lazy-proof ways to lose weight.

1) Write It Down

We’re spoiled in the immensity of apps and online sites that we can access to calculate our consumed calories and stay ahead of our weight loss goals, but sometimes the simplest thing to do is just to open a notebook and write down what you ate. Be honest with yourself about how often you eat, drink, and how large your portions are. Don’t try to impress anyone. This journal is for you. And there’s no better way to kick you into action than by looking at the truth of how much you eat.

2) Portion Control

Once you’ve become aware of how much you eat, aim to cut down on your portion sizes. The aim here isn’t to eat next to nothing to shed the kilos – in the long run, this will do your body more harm than good. Eating large portions is very often a matter of habit, so simply cutting down on our portion sizes will help us get back into shape and lose weight. Struggling with this? Then start by ordering two starters instead of a starter and main course when you go out for dinner, or serve dinner at home on small salad plates instead of actual dinner plates. This will automatically trick your mind into thinking you’ve had a plate full of food, even though this plate is half your usual side. Neat little trick to help you lose weight effortlessly!

Tips to Stay In Shape Drink Water 2nd Edit

3) Drink Up

If you’re feeling that you’re still hungry and struggling with smaller portion sizes, then perhaps it’ll help you to drink more. This doesn’t mean guzzling down a bottle of wine with dinner. Try to cut down on alcohol as much as possible, and cut out all sugary drinks. Instead, drink a glass of water about half an hour before every meal, and make it a mission to drink more water and tea in general. Green tea and Rooibos tea are particularly great for weight loss, and having six to eight cups of these a day will help keep the kilos off. Be sure not to add sugar to the tea though, otherwise you’ll spoil the health benefits.

4) Walk Some More

If you hate exercising and dread going to the gym, then try to add just five to ten minutes of extra movement into your day. A few minutes more is better than none at all, and is key if you want to lose weight or stay in shape. While getting in some muscle work will work wonders, even just walking a little extra will help. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, park a little further away, walk around while brushing your teeth … use every opportunity to get a little movement in!

5) Sleep More

Who knew that sleeping is actually beneficial to losing weight? Sleeping increases your metabolism and regulates the hormones that control appetite, so aim to get your eight hours of snooze time in every night, no matter what, and sleep yourself skinny!

Tips To Lose Weight Sleep More

So, there you have it, five super simple tricks to help you lose weight and stay in shape. Have any more? Please feel free to comment and share!