New Year, New Me

Let’s talk about the new year. And the new year, new me philosophy. It’s January. This is the time everyone is making ridiculously wild New Year’s resolutions that no one can stick to – because, honestly, we all expect too much of ourselves, feel overwhelmed, panic, and then fail miserably by doing nothing at all. Totally ok. It’s human.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading on New Year’s resolutions – which oddly enough is not what I intended this article to be, but, alas, it will tie in after this short aside – and here are some key tricks to remember when setting yourself goals.

For one, cut the gazillion goals. There’s no way you’ll hike Kilimanjaro, run a marathon, do a degree, see a theatre show every week, write postcards to all your friends around the world, brush your teeth three times a day, only eat raw food, down apple cider vinegar every morning, party till the cows come home … see where I’m going with this? Be specific. Set yourself a handful of goals that you can really stick to, and then divide them up throughout the year.

So, for example, if your goals are to exercise more, cut out junk food, train for a marathon, write a book, and learn how to code, well, don’t do them all at once. You’ll kill yourself – or, worse, do it for a day and then give up. So do the first two for two months, then the next two for two months, and so on.

On the specificity note, don’t give yourself a goal like ‘Be Healthy’. What does that entail? Cut out junk food? Drink two litres of water every day? Drink apple cider vinegar every day? Exercise five days a week? Eat raw food? Meditate? See how the one goal of being healthy has these gazillion other little aspects involved? So if you set yourself the goal of being healthy, you’re likely to fail. If, on the other hand, you set yourself the goal of drinking two litres of water a day, cutting out junk food, etc. and sticking to that for a period, you’re likely to succeed. Small, actionable goals. Things you can do. Nothing breeds success like success, so achieve the little things and the big will follow.

Ok, New Year’s resolution insight over. When I sat down to write this article what I really wanted to focus on was the last Wellness Warehouse gift pack I received, but my plan for that article tied in so nicely with setting goals that I got a little side-tracked. One of my goals for this year is to live life well, which just happens to be the Wellness Warehouse motto. And all the things they sent me in the last gift box (just before Christmas), goes so well with the various elements this entails. For me, at least. And that’s food, supplements, and beauty. New year, new me, on so many levels.

Focus on Food

Ok, so in the picture you’ll see gluten-free goodies, which may or may not be your thing. I don’t believe that we all should be eating gluten-free, but I do think we should stay away from all the processed junk that has led us to consume more gluten than we’re supposed to. And I’m not talking about your bowl of spaghetti or the slice of toast. It’s the hidden gluten that’s the issue. Check your packaging next time you’re about to buy something you really shouldn’t. You’d be surprised at how much nasty is in all your food!

So I believe in going organic, raw, fresh … if you can grow it yourself, bonus! I realise buying organic is a little more expensive. Ok. A lot more expensive. But it matters. What you put into your body matters. It matters to how you look, how you feel, your energy levels, your skin – everything! My goal this year certainly isn’t buying everything organic, free range, whatnot, because setting a goal like that would be setting myself up for failure. But my goal is be more aware of it and make little changes – as and when I can – to move into that direction.

A great initiative is Green Monday. I’d change that to Green Organic Monday. And maybe it won’t be every Monday, but every second or third. Any start is a good start. New year, new me, even in baby steps!

New Year, New Me Food

Focus on Supplements

There’s lots of controversy when it comes to supplements. Some think they’re the devil, money-making machines for big corporates. Some swear by them and pop a gazillion pills a day. I definitely don’t think that supplements are the answer. It should start with what we consume – our food. Hence the step above. But supplements can help.

Last year I fell in love with The Real Thing, but I’ve also used Metagenics, Solgar, and Superfoods. I’ve been trying out different things – spirulina, fish oil, MSM, mushrooms, protein powder, maca. I don’t think supplements are a ‘one size fits all’. You’ll only really know what works for you – if anything at all – by trying out different things. A and B testing. And if you’ve found one thing that works – say, MSM – then try different brands. Maybe The Real Thing works great for you. Maybe Solgar works better. One brand isn’t necessarily better than the other. But one brand might be better for you.

But doing anything with supplements starts with research, and we’re blessed to live in an age where we can literally access a world of information at the touch of the button.

So, for me, my supplement goal this year is to refine what works. Last year was experimental. This year is all about finding the perfect match.

New Year, New Me Supplements

Focus on Beauty

To say that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with external beauty would be to remove ourselves from the society we live in. Of course we care. We all do. It’s human nature. And it’s particularly an issue in our current world. This isn’t to say that you should want a smaller nose or a bigger nose, brown hair when you have black hair, or kill yourself trying to look a way your body isn’t meant to look. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about being healthy and enhancing who you are.

So, for example, we live in a dry climate. Your skin may need more hydration. Which you can do internally – drinking enough water, eating healthy oil-rich foods (think salmon, avocado, etc.) – but you can also give your skin that external boost. And this applies to many things. There are many, many good things we can do for our bodies externally.

I’m obviously particularly excited about this part, because what’s in the Wellness pack speaks so perfectly to me already. Aloe Vera Gel, for one. This is literally a miracle cure for everything! Sunburn? Rash? Dry itchy skin? Boom! Sorted. Cuticle oil is also a life-saver. And that Night Oil? Particularly excited about that one to keep my skin looking beautiful.

I’d also add in a note here on checking your ingredients. The Oh-Lief natural sunscreen is one I’m very excited about. Have you had a look at what’s in some sunscreens? I’m not saying all of them are horrid, but you’ll find some pretty bizarre ingredients in some of them. The same applies to shampoos, moisturisers, and even make-up! Read up on what you should be avoiding – I can recommend a great book called Radical Beauty by Deepak Chopra and Kimberly Snyder if you need something to get started. These things will blow your mind. (No, no one is paying me to say that and I don’t get a commission off sales).

And while I already know a lot of this stuff, I don’t always pay attention to it. Why? Well, because I run out of moisturiser and then grab the next thing I can find. Or I’m having a tough month and can’t really afford that super fancy something I want to buy – especially if I haven’t tried it before and the purchase is a risk coz I don’t know what I’m getting. That’s why I love samples, by the way.

So my goal this year, as with the food, is to be more aware. Make slower choices. Don’t buy in a rush. Try samples. Find that thing that is both good for you in terms of ingredients and good for in terms of what it does and how it makes your skin, hair, nails, etc feel. Both matter, and finding the perfect match takes time. That’s my goal.

New Year, New Me Beauty

So there you have it. My plan for the new year, new me. And a little insight on setting goals in general. Hope you got a few tips and tricks. Do you have any new year, new me goals? Would love to hear them!

Love and light to all.

Written by Benike Palfi

Article Date: January 2018